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Threat, Vulnerability & Risk Assessment

Understand and asses the threats & risks

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Описание услуги

The first step of every security professional is to understand and assess the threats and risks that might pose harm to the persons and assets under his protection. A methodical and professional TVRA will enable the individual to define and assess those threats and work towards relevant solutions suitable to his needs. A detailed and methodical process is essential to understanding the security needs of your site, organization, and activity. In this course, the participants will learn how to look at their security operations from the attacker’s point of view, understanding how to identify weaknesses that might lead to an attack. You will understand the difference between a Threat and a Risk, and will learn how to asses and quantify it in a way that other managers and stakeholders will understand. The course will include case studies and samples from global projects, bringing international experience and best practices to the classroom, exposing the students to various industries and operations. This is an on- line video training, presented over 4 daily sessions of 3 hours each. The course is presented live so Q&A is encouraged, as well as active participation in the discussions. COURSE OBJECTIVES • Develop the knowledge and tools to conduct a professional TVRA. • Understand the point of view of the attacker- what are the relevant threats and what threat scenarios can impact your operation. • Evaluate the damage (Risk) that might be caused if a threat scenario happens. • Plan your mitigation strategy for the relevant threat scenarios- not what your security technology vendor recommends to you!! • Present your findings in a professional and comprehensive report that non- security managers can understand. TOPICS COVERED The following subjects will be covered in the seminar: • Principles of Threat, Vulnerability, and Risks. • Understanding what is a Relevant Threat, and its implication on security. • Attacker’s Point of View. • Methodologies in assessing risks. • Working with stakeholders. • Mitigation strategies – Screening processes, Security Technologies, Procedures, and Training. • Guidelines, Standards and Regulations- ISO, CPNI, DHS, and other publications. TARGET AUDIENCE • Physical Protection Professionals • Security Consultants • Cooperate Security Managers • Police Officers • Army Officers • Aviation Security Online Course: March 22 to 25, 4-7pm (16-19Uhr) Min. 5 Participates / Price: 980,- Euro p.P.


Moritschstraße, Villach, Austria

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